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Rachel Jeantel Is Right


Rachel Jeantel is right: “creepy ass cracker” isn’t racist; reverse-racism is a myth invented by white people. 

I cannot even imagine a single white person actually being offended by the word “cracker.” That word has never been used to systematically oppress and demean an entire group of people. Although the origin of “cracker” is unclear, it most likely refers to “whip-crackers,” i.e. slave owners. As such, it is merely another remnant of our nation’s history of enslaving and repressing people of color… 

…Which, by the way, is still going on today even though some people like to pretend it’s not. Unarmed black men are killed by the police, without serious repercussion, every year. Ramarley Graham. Kimani Gray. Kendrec McDade. Timothy Russell. Sean Bell. Orlando Barlow. Aaron Campbell. Wendell Allen. Oscar Grant. Just to name a few. Can anyone name just ONE white person who was wrongfully killed by police?

Even though studies consistently show that drug use among white Americans is equal to that of black Americans, black Americans are TEN TIMES more likely to be arrested and imprisoned for drug possession. As Michelle Alexander argues in her book, ‘The New Jim Crow,’ our current criminal justice system has effectively replaced the ‘Jim Crow’ laws that the Civil Rights movement fought so hard to eliminate. One in every 15 black American males over the age of 18 is incarcerated. That is what institutionalized racism looks like, and we are never going to fix this massive injustice by pretending that it isn’t happening. Or by pretending that there is such as thing as “reverse-racism,” as if white people have ever been marginalized in this country.

I do not believe in retributive justice and I personally don’t want to see anything awful happen to George Zimmerman. However, I think that his attitude and remarks show that he is, indeed, a “creepy ass cracker.” In George Zimmerman’s mind, Trayvon Martin was a “punk.” In George Zimmerman’s mind, he somehow had the authority to assault Trayvon Martin and prevent him from “getting away.” Unfortunately, in this day and age, crackers don’t carry whips anymore. They carry guns.

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